Bio of Koan Kenpachi


Born and raised in the city that is unique as its artist, Koan Kenpachi is definitely one to add to the list. The New Orleans veteran hip hop artist has been on the scene creating memorable projects over the years. The hip hop performer and producer continues to prove he cannot be put into a box, because he just doesn't fit.   

Reminiscent of the 90's style hip hop with his lyrical wordplay and innate ability to tell vivid stories. His music ranges from social continuous, to very personal feelings about the world around him, to his favorite style, battle raps. He‘s a well known performer in New Orleans and has toured the country as the front man for the now disbanded popular award winning hip hop band, EOE (Equal Opportunity Employment) from 2004-2011.  

In 2011,  Koan Kenpachi’s breakout solo project “Chronicles of A Dying Breed” demonstrated his innate ability to emcee in a way like no other. The album co-produced by Koan is a 14-track album, formed from original composition, showcasing pure lyricism along with his unique style. It was released under his record company Daily Bread Productions. The album sparked an immense response from both industry folk and the public at large; from an article in “Offbeat Magazine”, “Chronicles of a Dying Breed” is well sequenced, so those lighter tunes break the seriousness of Koan’s subject matter, offering a complete album that’s playable from beginning to end". 

He followed up with a 5 song EP entitled “Homage”, where he rapped over classic Hip Hop tracks and released exclusively on He received radio play for his rendition of the classic 93' till infinity entitled "Till Infinity" 

Koan continues to perform with his backing band, "My Theme Music. Their debut performance took place at the world famous Tipitina's . He is also a member of "The Low End Theory Players" a popular hip hop cover band. 

Koan Kenpachi’s bodies of work have evoked a blazing response from the media and fans alike, amassing press write-ups from some of Hip Hop’s most popular publications, and international radio play. The 9th ward emcee works can be seen on Disney and the latest MLB “The Show” 2022 game. He’s also a member of the Recording Academy.  

Koan Kenpachi released his highly anticipated second LP “Supremium” on 11-11-22. The album is being called the “ Hip Hop album for Hip Hop Heads”. The first two singles “Weirdo” and “Lookin’ Around” were both accompanied by beautiful visuals. Koan dabbled into directing the video for the latter. Both videos gained over 40,000 views across social media platforms. The latest single “The 20’s” dropped on 10-7-2022 is one of the heavy themes on the album with visuals matching the energy of the song. The is Koan's fastest growing single . Koan will be hitting the road in 2023 to promote Supremium to prove his undeniable talent and staying power. His Daily Bread Productions is making a memorable and undeniable mark on the entertainment world.