Born and raised in the city known for being unique, just like its artist. This seems to be the only box recording artist Koan Kenpachi can actually fit in. The New Orleans hip hop veteran has been on the scene since 2004, creating memorable projects over the years. He recently dropped his 2nd solo LP “Supremium” on 11-11-22. The music was co-produced by Koan and is being called “A Hip Hop Album for Hip Hop Heads”.  

His style is reminiscent of the 90's with his lyrical wordplay and innate ability to tell vivid stories. But the tracks are new, fresh, and current, produced by longtime collaborator Sean Carey & newcomer, Rodney Weber. His music ranges from social consciousness, to his very personal feelings about the world around him, to his favorite style: battle raps. The 17-track album delivers a riveting display of his musicianship and lyricism. “Supremium” presents an outstanding mix of original compositions that are beautifully laid out for Koan to deliver his dazzling wordplay, with the cadence to make any hip hop head fall in sync with the beats, rhymes, and lyrics. 

Koan is known for his incredible live performances. He toured heavily around the country as the MC/frontman of the disbanded, though popular, award-winning New Orleans band “EOE”. His first solo album “Chronicles of Dying Breed” in 2011 was met with high praise from the industry and the public alike. Koan continues to perform with his backing band “My Theme Music” and Dj Skratchmo, who provided all the cuts on his albums.  

Powered by his own imprint Daily Bread Productions, Koan does everything in-house. From producing and recording his music, to creating industry standard, high quality videos. These talents are on high display for his latest single and video for “The 20’s” the 3rd single from “Supremium”. This is the most political track on the LP as Koan raps about the problems in our world, but most importantly in the United States. In what is touted as the greatest country on earth, the song helps to point out that we have a lot of work to do in order to live up to that title.  

Koan will be hitting the road this spring to spread “Supremium” and to prove his undeniable talent and staying power in the entertainment world. 

Contact Info: Erin Brazley 

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